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“We read Yas’ poems and we cried. We don’t know if you need to be both Turkish and queer to be moved to tears by these poems but we suspect not.”

- Tuna Erdem and Seda Ergul,

Turkish Delight

Yas Necati explores themes of queer and trans identity, migrant identity, mental health, recovery, community and resistance in their writing. They are part of the collective London Queer Writers, and founded and run a writing group for people of colour. Their work has been featured in print and online, including in Angst Zine, MIR online, Porridge Magazine, Fruit Journal, Kalu Mala and Mixed Mag. In May 2020 they were commissioned as part of Homotopia's Queer Art Always exhibition to create two original pieces during lockdown on exploring gender through drag and poetry. In October 2020, a documentation of their transformation into drag was featured as part of Queer Arts Projects' online exhibition Work in Progress, including poetry based on gender and becoming a drag king. They are currently working on their first novel, about chosen family, and a play about attending therapy while trans.


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