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Yas trained as a facilitator with Campaign Bootcamp in 2015, and in 2019 participated in Training for Change's training for trainers. They have run workshops for organisations including NEON, All About Trans, The Advocacy Academy, The Girl Guides, Solace Women's Aid, Sexpression, NCS The Challenge, Anti University and London Queer Writers. They have worked with schools and universities across the UK. To book, just get in touch with the kind of workshop you have in mind. Lower prices/free workshops will be considered for grassroots organisations/small community projects


Workshops that focus on centring the participants, not the trainer


Outside of the comfort zone is where learning happens - training that will stretch participants


Activities designed to help participants come up with new ideas and face challenges


Participants leave feeling like they have just shared something with others in the room


The workshop feels like the start of something, and participants are energised to continue learning

Yas's workshop inspired me to explore drag and I started putting my own act together afterwards! Their soft spoken facilitation style is pretty unique; I think people felt like they were in a safe space to express themselves and that they could trust the other participants which definitely helped everyone get more out of it. Everyone wanted to do it again by the end and support each other through their journeys

Beth, drag king workshop participant

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