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You can read Yas' gal-dem column here


In 2017, Yas began an editorial apprenticeship at The Independent, where they worked for two years on the Voices comment desk. Their writing focus was on queer and trans issues, and in 2018 they helped lead on the Voices' desk's LGBTQ+ History Month. They also wrote news, reviews and features including theatre reviews, vegan cheese round ups and a long read on Man Up, Europe's biggest drag king competition.


Prior to this, Yas was managing editor at Powered By Girl and SPARK Movement, two global activist initiatives that supported teenage girls and non binary people into campaigning through blogging and online activism.


Yas has written for The Independent, HuffPost, gal-dem, The Telegraph, Louche Magazine and the British Journalism Review. They have also contributed to a range of reports, including for the Fabian Society, Plan International and Carel Press. They currently write a monthly column for gal-dem, "Against the binary".

In November 2018, Yas co-authored the children's book "What is consent? Why is it important? And other big questions". Their essay on teenage activism was featured in the 2015 anthology "I call myself a feminist". Their favourite journalism moment was when they attended the 2018 Trump drag protest dressed as the president himself, Their proudest was interviewing Travis Alabanza about their show, Burgers.

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